A Thorough Guide to Selecting the Best Probate Lawyer

Whether you’re an executor of an estate, planning your own will, or dealing with a loved one’s passing, finding a skilled Probate Attorney in Broward County is crucial. A probate lawyer can guide you through the complicated legal process that can occur following a death, especially for those who are unfamiliar with Florida’s laws. A knowledgeable attorney can help reduce the amount of stress and anxiety associated with this type of situation.

The attorneys at Young Berman Karpf & Karpf P.A., Attorneys at Law, have decades of experience in assisting clients with all kinds of estate matters. Their attorneys work with clients to create the best plan for their circumstances and needs, minimizing the risk of estate litigation in the future. They also assist with the administration of an estate and can defend beneficiaries against a will contest, if necessary.

Founded in 1990, the firm is located in Fort Lauderdale and provides legal guidance to individuals throughout the probate process. Its attorneys work with both families and businesses to create a comprehensive plan that meets their specific goals and objectives, limiting the risk of probate litigation in the future. In addition, the firm helps its clients set up irrevocable trusts to avoid estate taxes and other legal fees.

As the name suggests, this practice offers probate and estate planning services to clients in Broward County and beyond. Its attorneys have extensive experience handling a variety of estate issues, including complex trusts. The team also assists with the distribution of assets after a loved one’s death, assisting family members and friends in reaching agreement over the estate’s distribution. The lawyers also work with the court to protect beneficiaries against creditors and other parties seeking assets from an estate.

This Fort Lauderdale-based firm handles a wide range of probate-related cases, such as disputes between beneficiaries and challenges regarding fiduciary duties. Its attorneys have over three decades of experience, and they are prepared to litigate cases in both trial and appellate courts. They are also experienced in assisting clients with real estate-related matters, including facilitating the sale of probate-related properties.

A Broward County estate planning lawyer can guide you through the process of establishing an irrevocable trust to minimize tax liabilities and ensure that your beneficiaries receive their inheritance in full. They can also help you avoid litigation by ensuring that all of your documents are in order and up to date. They can also help you establish an emergency power of attorney so that your wishes are followed in the event of a medical crisis. They are dedicated to helping their clients with all of their estate planning and probate concerns. Contact a lawyer today to get started.