Custody Battles Decoded: Tips from a Child Custody Attorney

Child support payments are designed to help with a child’s financial needs. If your ex hasn’t been paying, it may be time to get a lawyer involved. A skilled child support attorney West Palm Beach FL residents trust could help you obtain the money you’re owed.

Family law attorneys can help parents with issues like divorce, paternity, custody, property division, alimony, and child and spousal support. They can also assist with domestic violence cases, child protective services, and restraining orders. They have extensive knowledge of Florida laws and procedures and work to resolve the legal family issues of their clients.

The Law Office of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A., serves West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. The firm resolves domestic abuse and divorce cases, as well as children’s issues like neglect, custody, and alienation. Its team conducts custody evaluations and works with child developmental psychologists to develop holistic strategies. It has 28 years of family law experience.

If you need a child support attorney, call the Law Office of Lydia Charles, LLC. The firm helps West Palm Beach and nearby areas with divorce and related proceedings for child custody, alimony, and court order modification. Its civil law scope extends to personal injury matters, such as slips and falls and dog bites. Its lawyers are fluent in French and Creole.

Robert M.W. Shalhoub is a family law attorney who provides representation to West Palm Beach families. He has extensive experience handling contested and high net worth divorces. He also handles paternity, prenuptial agreements, domestic partnerships, and parental alienation matters. He applies his 35 years of experience, in-depth legal knowledge, and strong courtroom skills to achieve resolutions that reflect his client’s goals.

Child support in Florida is based on guidelines that take into account both parents’ income, anticipated medical costs, daycare expenses, basic needs, and other factors. However, the actual amount paid (or owed) can vary from the guidelines because of special circumstances such as job loss, a significant change in health insurance, or a reduction or increase in the cost of living. A West Palm Beach child support lawyer can help advocate for the appropriate amount based on these factors.

A delinquent parent’s failure to pay child support can lead to serious consequences, including incarceration. A child support attorney in West Palm Beach could help you enforce an existing order by revocation of the offender’s driver’s license, denying a passport, issuing an income deduction order, intercepting funds (IRS tax refunds, lottery winnings, workers’ compensation benefits, unemployment benefits, insurance settlements, and more), placing liens against property, and freezing financial accounts.

If your ex hasn’t been paying, you should start by discussing the issue calmly with him or her. Ask why he or she hasn’t been paying and try to come up with a solution. A good lawyer can help you navigate these complicated legal matters. Contact Quality Family Law to set up an appointment with a West Palm Beach child support attorney.